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  some teens do appear to have oral sex to put off or at least delay first intercourse among females ages 15 to 19, 7. In the three countries he examined, the mean age at first sexual intercourse is about 15 years old. But now look at table 1 below, the calculation of the proportions having already had sex at given ages. According to a report from the guttmacher institute, the average age of first intercourse is around 17 years old, with approximately 70 of teenagers having had sex by age 19. According to a 2012 study looking at participants in the national longitudinal study of adolescent health, sexual debut (first sexual experience) is classified as early if it occurs before age.   among teen females aged 15-19, 42 had ever had sex, and among teen males, the percent was 44. These percentages have gradually declined since 1988 when 51 of female and 60 of male teens had ever had sex. In 2011-2015, nearly 3 in 10 teens (30 of female teens and 29 of male teens) had sexual intercourse at least once in the past three months.   one such datapoint deals with the sex trafficking of minors. Myth in question the average age of entry for girls into prostitution in the u. It is widely quoted by both policy makers and ngos in an effort to bring attention to child sex trafficking.   the truth is, nobody knows exactly how old most kids are when theyre first exposed to porn. Some sources say its 11 years old, while others say kids as young as 8 are encountering porn. Weve even had messages from fighters saying they were as young as 3 years old, and their earliest possible memories are finding porn in their parents basement.

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