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On daytime television shows like jenny jones, segments involving teens always involve sex, drugs, crime and violence. The media has often been accused of portraying teens negatively by focusing on stories of violence, drug abuse and teen pregnancy. Since the 1950s, youth culture has been associated with rebellion and irresponsibility. The media plays a role in demonizing teens through sensationalism.   the media exacerbates this cycle by broadcasting shockingly negative stories. Not to say that there arent teens who are breaking the law, but it must be kept in perspective.   the media habitually portrays young people in an overwhelmingly negative light, according to a survey of teenagers and press articles published today. Drugs, sex, alcohol the perfect recipe for the party-crazed teenager so prevalent in pop culture. A report by the youth media agency in 2011 found that 76 per cent of people who were asked, said that media reporting on young people was negative. The 2011 summer riots have further fuelled the medias negative social stigma. The fact of the matter is that the average age of a london rioter was 27 years old.   according to a 2015 study by common sense media, teens spend an average of nine hours a day using media (tweens average six hours a day), including movies, television, and social media sites, which means they are getting many hours of harmful media exposure. Susana giner, director of the youth media agency, which helps 16- to 25-year-olds with media projects, said theres a lack of balance. The media uses its priveleged position to scare the public and create a negative image of britains youth. It is wasy too selective of its coverage of youth related news stories and selects mainly negative ones in order to discuss broken britain and the youth with no respect these days.   if you are reading a story in the newspapers about 13- to 19-year-olds there is a fair chance it will be about homelessness, violent deaths, cyberbullying or teenage pregnancy.

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